Priced to suit your cloud needs

Running data analytics in the cloud can be surprisingly expensive. Analyst firm Gartner predicts that by 2022, 75 percent of organizations using cloud data management systems will experience budget overruns. Let us help you better understand the actual cloud data analytics costs, what pricing works best for your business, and how to avoid surprises.

Top 6 factors for success in the cloud

Learn how to choose the right data analytics solution in the cloud based on these 6 factors for success.

Estimate future budgets based on your workloads

To estimate your actual budget requirements, look at your production use cases that show workloads at scale.

Get expert guidance when migrating to the cloud

Don’t listen to claims that migrating to the cloud is simple—it’s a complex process that can drive budget overruns.

Avoid unexpected costs and keep your projects alive

As user demand changes, automatic scaling can deliver an unexpected bill that can kill your project and your reputation.

Meet service level goals with software first

You need mature software that can be optimized to meet service level goals without the incremental cost of compute resources.

Demand flexible cloud pricing

Flexible pricing will enable you to manage your costs and meet the needs of ever-changing user demand.

Measure price-performance

Look for lowest cost per query. Vendors deliver multiple different metrics to make their solutions look the most attractive.

Zero Down

Pay for only what you use.

Flexible. Affordable. Transparent.

Learn about Teradata’s flexible pricing and how it can help you get the most value out of your data.

The right cost for you

What's the right cost for you?

Answer five simple questions to estimate which pricing is right for your cloud needs.

Refreshingly affordable

Refreshingly affordable

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, these pricing options are designed to fit the data demands of your organization.

Lowest cost at scale

Starting at $5 per hour compute, and 19 cents per terabyte per hour storage, Teradata Vantage offers refreshingly affordable cloud pricing—no matter what you require from your data analytics in the cloud.

per hour compute

per terabyte per hour storage

Surprises only work for birthday parties

Initial startup savings of cloud-only data warehouses can quickly devolve into unexpected—and unwelcome—cost spikes at scale. 

Discover why costs balloon with cloud-only data warehouses

Teradata simplifies cloud data analytics costs,
delivering lowest cost at scale

The ability for Teradata customers to choose the most appropriate pricing for each data analytic workload facilitates financial guardrails and improves your organization’s return on investment.

Blended Pricing means there’s no billing surprises or sticker shock, while Consumption Pricing means there’s complete freedom to only pay for what is used.

Flexible cloud pricing

Flexible cloud pricing

See how Teradata enables lowest cost at scale

Is a cloud-only pricing model really
as cost-effective as promised?

In this side-by-side comparison, the difference between Vantage and the competition is clear. Only Vantage offers the choice, truly predictable and transparent pricing, and elasticity your needs, PLUS the lowest pricing at scale. 

Cloud-only data warehouse Teradata Vantage
Get started quickly without ongoing obligation
Start quickly without ongoing financial obligation Cloud-only data warehouse
Start quickly without ongoing financial obligation Teradata Vantage
Start small and grow
Can start small and scale to a mid-size system Cloud-only data warehouse
Can start small and scale to an enterprise-size system Teradata Vantage
Seamlessly allocate user costs by department (chargeback)
Multiple systems may be needed to separate costs Cloud-only data warehouse
All users can be on the same system with full transparency for chargebacks Teradata Vantage
Scale compute as little as needed in small steps
Scale only in increasingly bigger steps which are often larger than needed Cloud-only data warehouse
Scale incrementally based on usage to avoid unused resources Teradata Vantage
Choice of pricing models for different workloads
Limited to pay-as-you-go pricing Cloud-only data warehouse
Flexible choice: Blended Pricing (reserved) and Consumption Pricing (pay-as-you-go) Teradata Vantage
Lowest cost at scale
Cost per query rises dramatically as query volume increases Cloud-only data warehouse
Cost per query remains low as query volume increases Teradata Vantage
Pay only for what you need with granular scalability
Pay for what is provisioned, even if much larger than needed Cloud-only data warehouse
Pay only for what you use with granular scaling Teradata Vantage
Only pay for queries, loading, and storage
Pay for what is provisioned, even if unused and too large Cloud-only data warehouse
Only pay for resources actually used (Consumption Pricing) Teradata Vantage
Enjoy predictable pricing without billing surprises
Cost “surprises” after discovering how much automatic scaling costs Cloud-only data warehouse
Sleep well knowing that costs remain bounded by financial guardrails (Blended Pricing) Teradata Vantage
Enjoy automatic elasticity and never worry about system size
Guess at the maximum size you might need for automatic scaling Cloud-only data warehouse
Allows Teradata to monitor and automatically adjust system size for you based on usage (Consumption Pricing) Teradata Vantage
Reuse prior on-premises investments and IP for new deployments
Start over, recode, and retrain just to get to your previous baseline Cloud-only data warehouse
Gain positive ROI from Day 1 with your current data and tools Teradata Vantage

Analysts, experts, and the real costs
of cloud data analytics

We’re not the only ones talking about transparent cloud pricing and the prevalence of “gotchas” in the industry.

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Modern cloud data warehouses and the price-performance differentiator

McKnight Consulting says determining price-performance in the cloud is the “ultimate success metric”

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Teradata recognized for legacy of leadership

Teradata is the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics company - and we're named a leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems

Cloud data analytics costs and scale that work for your business.