Deploy Analytics at Scale with Teradata VantageCloud and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

AI and ML are changing the world, with analysts estimating that the global potential impact of ubiquitous AI and ML may be up to $15T or around 15% of global GDP. Despite record levels of investment, many organisations are unable to operationalise AI and ML initiatives because they are struggling to overcome data, scale and deployment challenges. 

Watch our webinar to learn how the combination of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Teradata ClearScape Analytics and Teradata VantageCloud work together to enable you to beat the so-called "proof-of-concept to production gap" as well as quickly and easily deploy AI and ML to production to dramatically improve business outcomes across a variety of use-cases and industries.

What you'll learn:

  • Find out how Teradata VantageCloud and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning drive performance across your business with fast, simple, scalable AI and ML solutions.
  • Discover a better way to prepare data, train models and deploy those models into production.

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