Teradata, the Trusted AI company
Teradata: The Trusted AI Company

Trusted data. Trusted AI.

What does it mean to have trusted data? Trusted data means seamlessly integrating and harmonizing data across an organization. It’s a foundation of reliability, accuracy, and governance that’s essential for every enterprise.

Without securing and harmonizing your data in an open ecosystem, investments in AI won’t pay off. That's why enterprises are adopting trusted data and Trusted AI strategies with the help of Teradata—the Trusted AI company.

Teradata is the Trusted AI company

For more than four decades, Teradata has forged a track record of building a company’s "golden record"—the foundation of trusted data that’s required for mission-critical workloads. We’ve built our platform to be the best in class at scale, so we know what it takes to grow fast and stay cost-effective.

A platform that enables you to your data Secure your data Harmonize your data Optimize Driving greater business value with AI Unlimited ClearScape Analytics™ ask.ai People Transparency Value creation

As AI ambitions grow, Teradata continues to guide companies through their AI journeys by offering:

Trusted AI
AI opportunities

Trust accelerates opportunity

Trusted AI can be incorporated across your organization’s analytics and AI/ML solutions. From predictive AI/ML to generative AI initiatives, Trusted AI is both relevant and necessary for success.

Unleash AI innovation

Maximize the AI opportunity today

Drive value from trusted and cost-effective AI innovation across the enterprise with the most complete cloud analytics and data platform for AI.

Trusted AI principles

People must be engaged and accountable throughout the AI lifecycle

Accountability in all parts of the AI lifecycle

When you take a human-centered approach to AI, you improve compliance with safety and privacy concerns, reinforce ethical and responsible standards, and limit potentially harmful impacts on our environment and society.

Focusing on people in Trusted AI includes:

  • Providing reliable and effective data security
  • Introducing energy-efficient practices
  • Protecting personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Preventing bias issues with models and data training
An open, connected ecosystem creates flexibility and accelerates innovation

Flexibility and faster innovation with open AI ecosystems

Transparency is being able to understand how and why an AI-driven decision was made, and why it’s both fair and equitable—even if it isn’t the modeler’s own choice.

You can drive transparency by:

  • Offering visibility into how models use data and comply with regulations
  • Validating data sources as trustworthy before AI implementation
  • Making model outputs explainable—and accountable—to human decision-makers
AI and data solutions must scale to unlock cost-effective growth and uncover breakthrough innovations
Value creation

Cost-effective growth by scaling AI breakthroughs

Better reliability, speed, and accuracy will make the ROI of your AI models far outweigh the cost of experimentation.

Value creation starts with identifying use cases. Your breakthrough AI solutions can range from big ideas to incremental improvements:

  • Building your own custom LLMs or integrating with partners
  • Updating recommendation engines to be powered by generative AI
  • Using natural language interfaces for insights, code generation, and metadata analysis